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A Vote for Sanity

CEOFrom the Desk of the President & CEO:

  • Blake Stepan

    I agree. Now is not the time to make such a major change

  • An agent for FM

    One of the reason Freddie and Fannie are now profitable or showing a better bottom line is they have lowered commissions for the agents who manage their properties.On top of that each agent has to be responsible for up to 5 K of repairs for the properties and then wait to be reimbursed for as long as 6 months. Any entity can be profitable if they can borrow money interest free for their operating capitol, make someone else “pay their bills” and pay well below minimum wadge to the people who work on their behalf.
    Dig deeper into the whole process and you will see so many abuses on Freddie Mac and Fannie’s operations. Maybe Demarco needs to look at everything these 2 entities do. They are still shifting the debt responsibility on to the private sector, They just found a different way to do it,

  • Nhoj Yorlik

    Weak argument. Fannie and Freddie are great to work with.

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